I forgot to renovate my health card

tumblr_ojqgtihzij1tvggb7o1_540This is a card that works with a magnetic band and in that card it’s recorded my medicines. I have to take two kinds of medicines every day, one is one dose every morning before breakfast and the other one is one dose in the morning with my breakfast and another one with the dinner in the evening. And this is the one I’ve run out of, and it’s a pain reliever for a pain I am supposed to be in but no, only sometimes. And my mum is angry because I forgot to renovate the stupid card and now I have to wait til Monday and go to the doctor and have it renovated. Because without that card I can’t buy medicines.

It isn’t a big deal; I mean it’s a painkiller, but that and being angry at myself for forgetting and at my mum for yelling at me was the reason why I am now avoiding her and I’m trying to keep busy by making coffee for tomorrow’s breakfast and red tea with plum for now because I want to have diarrhea so my stomach will have a reason to complain. My temper and my stomach are connected I swear.

So, I was making all that and I ended up thinking that I hate medicines. I take three pills (tasteless by the way) and I hate them. I understand that I need the one I take before breakfast in order to keep my hypothyroidism at bay, but the painkiller, seriously… I feel fine and as I told my doctor I can’t feel the difference anyway; why can’t I get rid of it? Why can’t I take the kind of painkiller you only take when you’re actually in pain?

This goes á propos of something we were discussing in my English class yesterday. The subject was relaxation and leisure and in the book there were some pictures: one of them was a woman gardening, another one was a boy listening to music, the third one was a couple of friends playing videogames, the fourth one was a woman doing yoga and the final one was a handful of pills; valium, Prozac, you name it. My painkiller is supposed to work by relaxing the muscles on my back so it can be considered one of those relaxing pills, can’t it? And I must tell you there were so many pills in that photo, so many pills. Why do we, human beings, rely so much on pills? Do we really need them? I mean, if we started taking so many chemistry wouldn’t these pills lose their properties and not work or worse, create an addiction? How much is too much?tumblr_ojqgtihzij1tvggb7o2_1280I’ve been without these pills for a couple of days before and nothing happened, literally nothing out of the ordinary. I felt fine. And I’m going to insist on asking my doctor about the point in taking these stupid pills because I’ve been taking them for almost five years now and I can’t feel they do anything.

I will be without that pill for a few days but don’t worry, it’s not a life threatening thing, I will be fine, it’s only a painkiller that don’t kill pain and anyway I can live with pain, I’ve done it before and I’ve survived so far.

Just in case, I like blood red roses.


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