Welcome… sort of

The year hasn’t ended yet and I’m already thinking and scheming new projects and plans and dreams for 2017. One of those dreams was to open a little place to meet my non Spanish-speaking friends and talk to them, share bits of this and that with them.

I have another blog in which I mainly talk about books but it’s in Spanish, even though I read books both in English and Spanish, I blog in Spanish. And when the book I would be talking about is in English and there is no Spanish edition, I always get the same comments: “My English isn’t very good, let’s hope that someone decides to bring it to Spain” and it gets even worse when the beautiful reader is from Latin America… most books are really difficult to find over there, but that’s a conversation for another day.

I am not bilingual. There was a time when I used to pretend that I was, but I’m not. The difference between someone who is fluent and someone who is bilingual is, mainly, that the latter can play with the language, can make up jokes, play with the vocabulary, master it… the person who is fluent is conscious that they lack vocabulary, they sometimes go blank because they don’t know how to fully express some thoughts and ideas… so they make turns and… stuff (see? Lacking vocabulary there). Still I’m studying English, I’m preparing myself for the Proficiency Level Examinations (University of Cambridge) that will take place in May or June. And I’m not doing very well, although Alison, my teacher, says that I’m not great but I’m ok. This means, I think, that I’m too good for the advance level but not enough for the proficiency… She never said this to me, but one must know one’s weaknesses.

Why am I telling you this? Well, first to apologize in advance for my mistakes, and secondly to show you how boring I can be.

I don’t know what I am going to talk about yet, I don’t know which path I should follow. I have little knowledge in many many things. So for the time being I think this is going to be a personal space; as I said before, to keep in touch with my English speaking friends.

Thank you very much for your patience, and welcome. The tea is ready.


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